DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd.
Dunmurry Industrial Estate, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland BT17 9JJ.
Tel. (0232) 611177 Telex 748060


Welcome to DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd.

We hope you will enjoy your visit!

Come and see the dream yourself!







Proud DMC workers showing off the 1000th. DeLorean built (VIN # 1897 automatic)

DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd. (DMCL) was a subsidiary of the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) and the assembly plant where the DMC-12 sports car was manufactured
The factory was located in Dunmurry, right outside Belfast.

DMCL was constructed  in record-time. The work started in October 1978. All other car manufacturers said that the DeLorean plant wouldn't be up and running for at least five years. "It just cannot be done!" they said. But DMCL was built in 16 months (!), and was producing cars within two years! At the most, DMCL employed 2600 people. The assembly plant brought jobs and new hope to war-torn Belfast. The workforce consisted of both Catholic and Protestant workers and the factory had separate entrances for both groups. This was not done because of their different beliefs, but was practical since the factory lay in the middle of the two communities, Twinbrook (Catholic) on one side and X (Protestant) on the other.


The first DeLorean VIN # 500 has just rolled off the assembly line!

You are greeted by a friendly DeLorean Worker, who turns out to be none other than Maintenance Engineer Joe Murray!

Welcome to DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd.! Let me show around the factory!


  Before we start, I would like for you to have a look at this.
Here you can see how the car is made...

Where do you want go?


Want to take a spin in a DeLorean around the


If you do, please remember to bring along this FACTORY DRIVER'S LICENSE...
And there is a spelling mistake on the back of the licence. Sorry for that! Anyway, remember to return the card to me when you are finished driving.

Interested in the car you say? Want some specifications? Well then, take a look at the
DeLorean Owners Handbook...

Perhaps you would consider taking a job here at DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd.
We need both skilled and unskilled workers, we need assembly workers, mechanics and foremen. Perhaps you have some experience working with glassfibre or the V.A.R.I. process?

Please fill out this
Job Application Form...

Now, lets go inside and have a look around...

First we visit the molding of the glassfibre-halves. They consist of one male and one female half. This is where the resin is injected...


And here you can see the DOOR ASSEMBLY...

And here is the actual assembly of the DeLorean sports car on the automatic Tellus carriers...


And finally the last bits and pieces are put on the car and the car is almost finished...

Ok, then... I got a surprise for you. John Z. DeLorean is at the factory right now, and is about to hold a press conference... We will get there right on time...Let's hurry!

Thank you for your visit! I hope you will buy one (or more) of our excellent sports cars. They are well-built, comes with a solid glassfibre underbody with stainless steel panels and an epoxy-coated frame. Plus the car has gullwing doors, so it can be a very wise investment indeed. Oh, and remember to look down at DMCL when your plane takes off from Belfast International Airport. In good weather, you will be able to get a birdseye-view of our modern plant.



















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